Get DbContext entities and properties at runtime

The modelbuilder will first build all DbSets specified.
It will then build from any class objects that these DbSets refer to. This is more than you might think. Furthermore on some actions one of these other classes may have not been mapped correctly and cause the main program to crash, even if you were never interested in these classes.

To discover what classes and properties have been built at run-time use the following code:

    Public Sub ProductsContextEntitiesBuiltList()
        Using context As New ProductsContext(ConnectionString.CurrentConnectionString)
        End Using
    End Sub

    Private Sub ContextEntitiesBuiltList(context As Entity.DbContext)
        Dim objContext = CType(context, IObjectContextAdapter).ObjectContext
        Dim workspace As MetadataWorkspace = objContext.MetadataWorkspace
        Dim tables As IEnumerable(Of EntityType) = workspace.GetItems(Of EntityType)(DataSpace.CSpace)
        For Each table In tables

            For Each p In table.Properties
                Debug.WriteLine("   " + p.Name)


        'For Each myEntity In objContext.MetadataWorkspace.GetItems(Of EntityType)(DataSpace.CSpace).ToList
        '    Debug.WriteLine(myEntity.FullName)
    End Sub

Use modelBuilder.Ignore(Of <entity) 'to stop building those not required.

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