Terminal Server – Pros and Cons – Also Remote Desktop Connection

Terminal Server has some pros-some cons.


  • Set one machine up. Works for all
  • Reduced hard-ware costs
  • Remote SQL login


  • Multi-monitor support *1
  • Seems slow on graphics
  • Remote SQL login does not have intelli-sense

*1 Multi-monitor support for Remote Desktop connection

SplitView http://www.splitview.com/

Also from a cmd prompt use mstsc /span will allow a span. But both monitors need to be the same resolution and horizontal. Does work.

How to set resolution for Remote Desktop Connection when you are using 2 monitors

When switching a RDC from the primary to a smaller second monitor the smaller monitor normally has scroll bars on it to get from the bottom taskbar to the window header bar, quite annoying. SOLVED 15-Jan-2012: Change both monitors to use the highest common resolution.