All TableAdapters managed by a TableAdapterManager must use the same connection string

All TableAdapters managed by a TableAdapterManager must use the same connection string

Can happen because one connection string has Persist Security Info=True and one does not
Make sure each connection string is the same.

Cannot bind to the property or column .. on the datasource.

VB.Net Window Forms databinding

Cannot bind to the property or column .. on the datasource.
Parameter name: dataMember

  1. Check to see if you have used the same binding source for two or more combo boxes.
  2. or alternatively because dataMember is not strongly typed, possible that the name of a field has changed in the data set, but not in the form

Setup and Deployment Project

Project 1 requires a setup project
Add New Project > Other Project Types > Setup and Deployment > Visual Studio Installer > Setup Project

See File System Editor > Application Folder > Properties for Default Location which will start as [ProgramFilesFolder][Manufacturer]\[ProductName]

The Manufacturer is set on Setup project properties. Probably change this from Microsoft. Many other properties here also.

Next problem was :

“error reading from file … verify that the file exists and that you can access it”

Following resolved this:

This says add permission to System for the folder with the msi file in it.

Add an assembly to the GAC

> File System on Target Machine > Right-click Add Special Folder > Global Assembly Cache Folder > Browse and add assembly here. In this case EntityFramework.dll version

This worked and program then ran on target machine. However it did not appear in the C:\Windows\Assembly as I may have expected. I guess the assembly is in the file system though. To Register it I am going to try > Select assembly > Properties > Register > vsdraCOM

Distrbuting Prerequistes

> Select Setup Project > Right-click Properties > Prerequisites

‘Assembly.Namespace(s).ClassName.Private Sub MethodName’ is not accessible in this context because it is ‘Private’

 If when coding a new test you get the following error:

‘Assembly.Namespace(s).ClassName.Private Sub MethodName’ is not accessible in this context because it is ‘Private’

  • Go to Method Name for which you wish to create test
  • Create a private accessor
  • Go to test method you are creating
  • Change the type of the object you are creating to ..ClassName_Accessor
  • You should now be OK. May need to change some to ..ClassName_Accessory and not others

Good when you know how

Parent and Child new row on windows forms details

Problem is that

then when saving:
will destroy child row.

My workaround is:
Store a variable stating is NewRow and/or child row data IsMissing
Then on SaveData use:
If NewRow OrElse IsChildRowMissing Then
End If
If NewRow OrElse IsChildRowMissing Then
  Using taP as New dsTableAdapters.ParentTableAdapter
  End Using
  DisplayStoredData – which includes re-adding child row
End If
Continue with normal save

This link describes problem but is not much help to solution:

ISP for companies

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