Visual Studio unable to copy file because it is being used by another process


To try and get around this I closed VS and re-opened it. Still the same problem. In this scenario I then closed it again and on inspection of Task Manager I found that devenv was still running as a process (it was not in Applications). After Killing this extra devenv my computer blue screened. After restarting itself I was able to open my solution and build.

How do I use Refelection to get names and values of an object


Function GetWODataAsMessage(WO AsInteger) AsString


Dim result = (From w In context.WorkOrders Where w.WO = WO Select w).FirstOrDefault

If result IsNothing Then

Return String.Concat(“WO, “, WO, ” was not found”)


Dim msg = String.Concat(“Information for W-“, WO)

ForEach prop In result.GetType().GetProperties

If prop.CanRead Then

SelectCase prop.PropertyType

CaseGetType(Byte()), GetType(Business.EBC.EntityModel.Product)

‘Do Nothing

‘Case GetType(Business.EBC.EntityModel.Product)

‘ ‘Do Nothing

Case Else

Dim Tabs = String.Concat(vbTab, vbTab)

If prop.Name.Length < 4 Then

Tabs = String.Concat(vbTab, vbTab, vbTab)

ElseIf prop.Name.Length > 16 Then

Tabs = vbTab


‘, prop.PropertyType ‘Testing only

msg = String.Concat(msg, vbCrLf, prop.Name, Tabs, prop.GetValue(result, Nothing))

End Select



Return msg

End Function

How to store data with XML

  1. One option is to set-up a dataset
  2. Add a manual table and columns.
  3. Add XML file
  4. See first two lines here

<?xml version=”1.0″ standalone=”yes”?>
<dsSystemNames xmlns=””&gt;

  1. It is very fussy about format. For instance DateTime format must have T and full time down to hundreths of a second

SQL Profiler Templates

With a lot of “noise” from hits on the live data I want the ability to see what my development code is hitting for SQL. In this particular case I want to understand the SQL that Entity Framework is generating.

The default location of SQL Profiler templates is (possibly 90 or 100 or other):

C:\Users\<USERNAME>\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\SQL Profiler\10.0\Templates\Microsoft SQL Server\100

Events to include:



NTUserName = ‘<>’
ApplicationName Not Like ‘<>’


Could not load file or assembly … or one of its dependencies. The module was expected to contain

Possibly the reference is an executable program. Solution is:

  1. Right-click on project not building properly – Project Build Order
  2. Check that the reference is higher in the list
  3. If not then use Dependencies tab to add the required dependency which changes the Build Order

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