Device and Resource Redirection

Audio redirection

  1. Run
  2. Type “group” to open Edit group policy
  3. Local computer policy
  4. Computer configuration
  5. Administrative Templates
  6. Windows Components
  7. Remote Desktop Services
  8. Remote Desktop Session Host
  9. Device and Resource Redirection
  10. Allow Audio and video playback redirection
  11. Change from Not Configured to Enabled.




How to enable Azure VM IIS hosted website public access

  1. Setup IIS
  2. Confirm able to browse default website locally
  3. Azure Management Portal
  4. Select Virtual Machine
  5. Endpoints
  6. Add HTTP
  7. Confirm able to access the default site from a public web browser
  8. Optionally add FTP, HTTPS ( use for SSL )

DHCP reservation on Server 2003


Start > Administrative Tools > DHCP

If the server is not connected then DHCP > Right-click > Add Server

Server name > Scope > Reservations > Add need MAC address from PC that you want to fix IP. To get this do an ipconfig /all on that pc


Some SQL Server 2005 services are not listed in SQL Server Configuration Manager – Also Red Cross shown in IIS – Server 2003


  1. Some SQL Server 2005 services are not listed in SQL Server Configuration Manager
  2. Red Cross shown in IIS – Server 2003


BITS – Background Intelligent Transfer Service may not be registered and may have a startup type of Manual and be Stopped.

regsvr32.exe qmgr.dll
regsvr32.exe qmgrprxy.dll

Then reboot.


by external support company. Asked them how they did it. Answer copied here:

It looks like a windows update was responsible for the failure, Steve correctly spotted the fundamental issue which was that the default web site was stopped in IIS.  By attempting to start IIS, this registered an event in the windows logs and I could diagnose the issue from there.

The earlier versions of SQL reporting prior to 2008 relied on IIS to operate and the failure of IIS to start resulted in the missing items in SQL.

Windows update installed a hot fix which altered a file responsible for BITS (the service that enables Windows Update to function), the update applied an updated version of a file for IIS and the file failed to register when it was installed.  IIS was effectively looking for a file which wasn’t present and stopped itself.

By re-registering the file and rebooting, IIS was able to recognise the updated file and the default web site started successfully.  As the default website hosts information referred to by SQL, this caused SQL reporting to re-appear.

An odd one, but then Microsoft updates are probably responsible for a lot of strange behaviour!

Incidentally, while I was on the server, I spotted a string of Windows Desktop Search errors in the log – Windows Desktop Search was given as an update by Microsoft and it is my personal view that the product is poorly designed and disables perfectly good search facilities included within Windows, it looks like it has been clogging your event log with errors for some time now and with both of these things in mind,  I have disabled the Windows Desktop Search.

Anyway, glad SQL & IIS are now working, please let me know if you have any further issues.

VPN gets stuck on “Verifying username and password”

When attempting to connect the VPN gets stuck on “Verifying username and password” (hangs). After a while it then gets stuck on “Connecting to **.**.***.*** using *” and eventually returns a long message and may attempt to redial. The solution below is for messages containing text including GRE.


  1. Also I was using both a laptop and PC with VPN switching to a couple of companies. It may fail on one machine if the other machine is already logged in.
  2. Possibly following a failed connection, I found that a VPN I have used a lot on Windows 7 had a blank User name: when this was normally filled in.


  1. Hypothesis 1:- Reverse the first machine to log in. This time the other machine VPN started failing and in fact scenario 2, the User name became blank.

Create a new VPN which worked, then delete the old VPN

For error message 800 there are different problems. One of these is conflict between two computers. There may be a timeout on the server before another computer may connect, possible 30 minutes. Secondly may need to uncheck “Use default gateway on remote network”, this worked once, did not work several times.

There are pages on web e.g. however first try above

Connection to SQL Server over VPN


Get VPN connection IP address from IT server administrator
Set up VPN and login
Connect to SQL on local PC using SSMS or Visual Studio using SQL Authentication login and password
The server name to use in SSMS will be an IP address on the Network that you have used VPN to get to. You may or may not need to add \InstanceName.
It is not uncommon for this internal IP address system to be 10.0.0.x where x is the computer number
So format may be 10.0.0.x or 10.0.0.x\InstanceName

Special Cases
If the VPN internal IP address system uses 192.168.1.x then be careful that your local PC is not using 192.168.1.x
If it is then need to change the local PC IP address system to use 192.168.0.x

See Change IP address of a local (home) pc

Installing SQL Server 2008R2 on SBS 2008 Standard

SBS Server Standard 2008 has SQL Server Management Studio Express tools on it.
When installing SQL Server 2008 R2 Standard one of the checks was for the above and would not let you pass until this was removed. My approach was to uninstall SSMS Express. Checks then passed.

As SBS is using SBSMonitoring as a database, websites suggest installing SQL Server as a new instance. I installed it as SQL2008 instance. SUCCESS.

ISP for companies

A leased line is a service contract between a provider and a customer, whereby the provider agrees to deliver a symmetric telecommunications line connecting two or more locations in exchange for a monthly rent (hence the term lease). It is sometimes known as a ‘Private Circuit’ or ‘Data Line’ in the UK

Leased lines are more expensive than alternative connectivity services including (ADSL, SDSL, etc.) because they are reserved exclusively to the leaseholder. Some internet service providers have therefore developed alternative products that aim to deliver leased-line type services (Carrier Ethernet-based, zero contention, guaranteed availability), with more moderate bandwidth, over the standard UK national broadband network. While a leased line is full-duplex, most leased line alternatives provide only half-duplex or in many cases asymmetrical service.

IIS – Server 2003

Start > All Programs > Administrative Tools > Internet Information Services Manager (IIS)