This is well documented elsewhere. The purpose of this post is to collate links and pull out for my own notes those features and commands that I most use, and may not recall.

NuGet Package Manager Console

Finding and Installing a NuGet Package Using the Package Manager Console and removing and updating a package

Key commands:

  1. get-help Install-Package
  2. Install-Package EntityFramework
  3. Unistall-Package EntityFramework
  4. Get-Package EntityFramework -updates to see if there are newer versions available
  5. Update-Pacakge EntityFramework

NuGet Package Explorer – Including Create Package

I have always had work to do to copy my own assemblies into common locations. NuGet offers the possibility of hosting your own NuGet feeds, which may be local.  If I understand this correctly, this looks very interesting and might solve my issue and save me some time.

This requires the NuGet Package Explorer:

I found this would not install because I did not have .NET Framework 4.5 installed, as I am only on Visual Studio 2010. I installed 4.5 as my belief was that this would not break VS 2010. Creating the package then became easy with a few notes:

Use Tools > Analyze package to see if there are any issues.

It does like to have the target .Net Framework:

lib > net40 > myAssembly.dll

Creating your own package – Dependencies on your own packages

  1. Edit Metadata
  2. Edit dependencies
  3. Groups + Gave me [no target framework]
  4. Properties
  5. Package Source *** Put in here the location of your LocalNuGetFeed *** Reload
  6. Select your required package
  7. open


Creating your own online NuGet package feed



My favourite Nuget packages

  1. Entity Framework
  2. Data connection – for connection dialog box for my tool kit software