“Missing Operating system” on Boot

ERROR Yikes.
When  playing with BIOS settings to try and use Graphics card + OnBoard (see previous post), I was curious to see if OnBoard would work on it’s own. So change one option to IDE, with no graphics card. At this point I had no monitor, possibly only on boot. I may have at some point used some form of Restore Default Settings. From this point forth it would not boot, but would just display “Missing Operating System”.

SOLVED: With more technical support we realised that the SATA configuration settings were something other than RAID, which this machine is on. After reverting this back to RAID the machine booted again.


How to set up 3 monitors by using a graphics card plus onboard graphics and BIOS

The following is instructions received from a technical support, regarding my new PC

I can advise of the following settings that need to be set for 3 monitor support on your system.
You need to enter the BIOS by pressing either DEL or F2 during the POST. 

(1)    In the Chipset section, then Northbridge, the Initiate Graphic Adaptor setting needs to be set to PEG/IGD
(2)    In the Chipset section, then Northbridge, the IDG Memory setting needs to be set to at least 64MB.
(3)    In the Chipset Section, then Northbridge, the IDG Multi-monitor setting needs to be set to Enabled.
(4)    In the Advanced Section. Then Intel IDG SWCSI OpRegion. The DMVT/Fixed Memory needs to be set to at least 256MB. 

You will then need to press either F4 or F10 to save and exit.