How do I hide missing data values in DataVisualization.Charting.Chart e.g. Saturdays and Sundays


If data is missing for say days of weekend then the chart will by default still include these dates in the X values so there will be a not pretty gap. This can be corrected with:

Series.IsXValueIndexed = True

How do I set the DataVisualization.Charting.Chart Column Gap

The column gap is set on the:

Chart > Series > Misc > Point Width – default = 0.8 for no gap use 1

DataVisualization.Charting Cursors, Zooming, and Scrolling (Chart Controls)


I like the Zooming and Scrolling featuresĀ of these ChartsĀ but find it difficult to find in the Chart Control. It is at:

Chart Areas > CursorX >

IsUserEnabled = True
IsUserSelectionEnabled = True