Windows Azure – SQL Azure – Manage firewall settings

Not immediately obvious where this is.
On Management Portal select the server – not higher – not lower – not on the SQL portal
There on the right is the Firewall settings

SQL Server Operators – SQL Agent Alert System – Notify Operators

After adding SQL Operators you need to restart SQL Agent

ERROR in SQL Agent Jobs
… NOTE: Failed to notify ‘<operator name>’ via email.

[476] Database Mail is not enabled for agent notifications. Cannot send e-mail to
[475] Database Mail is not enabled for agent notifications.

May have log in SSMS > SQL Server Agent > Error Logs

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This was set up on one of my work servers. For a different company this needed to be set up.

On SQL 2005+ you have to tell SQL Server Agent / Properties / Alert System, which profile that you’d like to enable. Here’s what it does.
e.g. and don’t forget to restart SQL Agent

To set up SQL Server Agent Mail to use Database Mail

  1. In Object Explorer, expand a server.
  2. Right-click SQL Server Agent, and then click Properties.
  3. Click Alert System.
  4. Select Enable Mail Profile.
  5. In the Mail system list, choose Database Mail.
  6. In the Mail profile list, select a mail profile for Database Mail.

Or less likely Transact SQL

USE [msdb]
EXEC master.dbo.xp_instance_regwrite

How do I… open a cmd prompt at a specified location

  1. Create a shortcut to cmd
  2. Change the Start In to the location you desire
  3. There are other methods

How do I… open windows explorer at a pre-set location

Create a shortcut to Windows explorer (probably on your desktop)
Add /e,C:\Windows to the end of the shortcut

Windows 7 Homegroup – Blocked by McAffee – Also how to set-up

I set up Windows 7 Homegroup on my PC and was able to see this from my laptop.
However I was unable to see my PC from my laptop.
After some reading decided to remove my almost redundant McAffee from my laptop. As soon as I did this Homegroup started working. As did remote connections to SQL Server.

New Problem 12th July 2012

Not able to see PC HomeGroup folders on laptop. Solution was to set up a Library on PC and then Share with for this library – rather than direct on folder

SQL Server Allow Remote Connections – Including Blocked by McAffee

A lot of websites have the basics of this. Applied steps and still did not work. Steps were

  1. Allow remote connections
  2. Start SQL Browser
  3. Ensure that Protocol for TCP/IP was enabled
  4. For new PC only adjustment to Firewall was addition of inbound port rule. Had to include Private network.

SOLVED However removed McAffee from the server (laptop) and remote connection worked immediately. Think this was the deciding ultimate solving step. Other Links

For remote connection over the internet also need to use port forwarding on the router.

Entity Framework possible feedback to Microsoft Connect – IBindingListView


Entity Framework WinForms DataGridView support for BindingSource.Filter .Sort and column heading Sort

Entity Framework looks useful and I have limited use of it in my code. Also several developers have expressed to me how they have found it useful.

I currently use a lot of WinForms databinding using DataSets and BindingSource. Out of the box I get column header sorting. Also it is a simple matter to set BindingSource.Filter and BindingSource.Sort as strings. I have used this feature to provide a lot of data-driven filter and sort strings for UI quick filter and sort which works very well.

However when I use Entity Framework the column header sort and BiningSource.Filter and .Sort properties do not work. My understanding is that this is because EF does not support IBindingListView. Although it might but not out of the box. Please advise or consider implementing this in future editions of Entity Framework.

Thank you

Stephen, UK

Transact SQL for disable and enable Trigger


DISABLE TRIGGER Product.updateProducts ON Product.Products;

UPDATE Product.Products…

ENABLE TRIGGER updateProducts ON Product.Products;