New PC – Novatech AMD Radeon 6770 HD Graphics Card – Settings

After setting up new PC was initially having problems with the graphics card. (Novatech) AMD Radeon 6770.
Key: Catalyst Control Center = CCC

Did uninstall the driver and CCC at one point and re-install everything, from Downloads\Graphics folder. Seemed to work well for half an hour – now seems a little less than perfect. Will see.  So turned off PC rest then turn back on and graphics good again. However with HDMI to Iiyama I now have a buzz. Have used the monitor setting to mute the sound and it has gone away. May need to use DVI on Iiyama as well.
The configurations which temporarily worked are:

  • Main Monitor is IIyama ProLite E2607WS – Use HDMI
    • CCC > Desktop Management > 1920 x 1200 + 60 Hz  (recommended)
    • CCC > My Digital Flat-Panels > Properties >
      •  Image Scaling > Enable GPU Scaling = True
      • Enable ITC processing = True
  • LHS Acer AL2021 use DVI
  • RHS Dell 2005FPW Portrait 1050 x 1680 (recommended) may be a desk saver that way around
    • Using Sapphire Active Display Port to Single-Link DVI Adapter

Update 1-Sep-2011
Still having problems. So after talking with Technical Support at Novatech I have took the graphics card out – and put back in – reseat in the computer. This seems to have increased the proportion of time that the machine is OK. Still not 100% though