Windows 7 Partition using Windows Disk Management

I’ve got a brand new combined harvester Sony vaio laptop.
Great so far. Like windows 7 and DLNA wireless media to tv is cool. And have just found windows key + tab, also windows key + left or right arrow nice.
See also following link, where I have added community content
Anyway laptop came with one C drive. Windows 7 ( unlike XP ) has it’s own partition utility Disk Management. Hoorray.
Worked quite easily for creating a new D drive, however I was initially only able to reduce C to 146 Gb with D = 142 Gb. The problem was an unmovable file. You can use Eventviewer > Application Log > event 259 to find address and then use Runas Administrator on command prompt to find culprit file. Use.
fsutil volume querycluster C: 50 0x2000
Initially this told me to turn off windows search. This allowed me to shrink C a little.
However the next unmovable file was a system file with use unknown. Sony email query response was that this was the minimum size for C or to use a third party partition tool.
Turning off System Restore, then restart can help. Consider a restore point before, and to turn it back on after. Worked x 2 for me! To turn off System Restore right click on Computer use system protection pick drive and configure.
As to size of C drive for Windows and Programs the next max shrink still only allowed a min of 76 Gb. So I plugged for 100 Gb. However I then had another go with eventviewer with the next file being a user temp file. So I used Disk Cleanup to remove temp files, turned restore back off and hey presto can shrin now allows a min C drive of 27.5 Gb = 28191 Mb. I plugged for C drive at 80 Gb, D at 80 Gb and have currently left the rest of the disk free, for future allocation to new partition(s) again.
The reason windows utility gets stuck is likely because it tries to do the partition on a running system.
Whats next ….
 <—— 14 August 2011 ——->
I’ve got a brand new combined harvester computer – desktop this time a Novatech IRush Pro.
Seems quick, but a little noisey which was one of the things I was trying to avoid.
Anyway have partitioned as:
C = 102405 MB = 100 Gb (80 Gb on laptop )after volume labelling ( see other 100 Gb below 102402 may do it )
D = 204801 MB = 200 Gb Data (80 Gb on laptop)
E = Disk drive
T = 40965 MB = 40 GB Temp (20 Gb on laptop)
V = 102402 MB = 100 GB Virtual World. (40 Gb on Laptop)

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