Visual Studio Report Designer: Using External Image

Add a table > Link table to a datasource
> Put an image in a cell.
> Image > Properties >
    > “Select the Image Source” to “External”
    > “Use this image” > set to a data source field
> Your Form > Report Viewer > Local Report >Enable External Images > “True”

Example of file names passed:


but beware of “Percent-encoding” special characters, which include # and others

so ABC#123.jpg will become ABC%23123.jpg

Reference in the manifest does not match the identity of the downloaded assembly


Click-once does not install presenting error message:
“Reference in the manifest does not match the identity of the downloaded assembly …exe”

This could be if the referenced project is an executable, you may find that if you change the reference from a project reference to the executable file then try this may work.
Alternatively and if possible change the referenced project to  Class Library.

UPDATE 17/02/2012
Today I have extracted a Windows Forms from a main project into a smaller executable and referenced it from the main project.
I did a few things including above and then also it did not work until I had published the smaller project and it gained a certificate. Think the error was a validation error.

Entity Connection String at run-time


Following is useful

Public Shared Function GetRunTimeEntityConnectionString(EntityConnectionStringName As String) As String
Dim currentConString = Configuration.ConfigurationManager.ConnectionStrings(EntityConnectionStringName).ConnectionString
Dim builder As New EntityClient.EntityConnectionStringBuilder(currentConString)
builder.ProviderConnectionString = <“NewConString”>
‘builder.Metadata = “res://*/LookupModel.csdl|res://*/LookupModel.ssdl|res://*/LookupModel.msl”
‘builder.Provider = “System.Data.SqlClient”
Return builder.ConnectionString
End Function

Dim EntityConnectionString = RuntimeConnectionString.GetRunTimeEntityConnectionString(<EntityConStringName>)
context = New <Namespace>.EntityModel.<EntityName>Entities(EntityConnectionString)

If trying to change actual SharedApp.config as follows then currently get an error.
Configuration.ConfigurationManager.ConnectionStrings(<“Name of Entity ConString”>).ConnectionString = RunTimeEntityConnectionString
system.configuration.configurationerrorsexception the configuration is read only

There are suggested methods for solving this online