Remote Desktop Connection – RDC – Virtual Private Network VPN – Ping

Win7 > Run > cmd > ping ip address returns 4 attempts. Look for possible timeout 1 or more times.
ping ip address – t will keep going. Use Ctrl + C to stop

RDC may be activated from saved icons or from Win7 > Run > mstsc

VS TFS Team Build Process

Install not too bad. Recommendation was to put on a standalone machine or server that would not use too many resources. I picked my spare XP SP3 machine and installed Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2010. For drop folder I used a server with short directory name \\server-name\Build
Then using Team Explorer in VS from my developer machine I created a Build definition.

First bug was:
user ‘nt authority\network service’ needs write permissions to the path
Solution was go to highest directory add security for Network Service Full Control, but only for that folder
Then for folder Build I also added security for Network Service. This all took sometime.

Now running however next problem was
assemblies not on machine.
Installed on build machine Report Viewer then later VBPowerPacks. Getting better

Next problem was
dll’s below root of build
Solution was to create a “solution folder” called CommonAssemblies and added the required dll’s into this folder. Then Checked these in to Source Code control and pointed projects using these to this folder.

Next problem was
When a program used one assmbly which used another dll build did not work properly. 
Solution was to add dll to last project to build.


Worked great for a day then Build controllers stopped working:
“there was no endpoint listening at http:// … /v3.0/… that would accept the message this is often caused by an incorrect address or soap action”
“In my case it turned out that I had a duplicate entry in the DHCP server for the Build Server. Removing the duplicate entry solved the issue.”
DHCP server on PDC server. On inspection I also had duplicate entry in DHCP server. We then a reserved IP address for my XP Build Server machine. This may have helped.
However also in TFS Administration Console changed the “Build Service properties” “Local Build Service Endpoint (incoming):” to use http:// < ip address of machine >

Data-Driven Unit Tests

See Book Wrox Professional Application Lifecycle Management p121
VS > Test > Windows > Test View > Select Test > Properties
Data Connection String .. Elipse or type “Data Source=ServerName;Initial Catalog=DatabaseName;Integrated Security=True”
Data Table Name: Name of Schema.Table or View with data list

Alternatively in code:
    Public Property TestContext() As TestContext

    <TestMethod(), DataSource(“System.Data.SqlClient”, “Data Source=ServerName;Initial Catalog=DatabaseName;Integrated Security=True”, “SchemaName.TableOrViewName”, DataAccessMethod.Sequential)> _
    Public Sub SQLViewTest()
TestContext.DataRow(ColumnName or Index).ToString