Entity Framework possible feedback to Microsoft Connect – IBindingListView




Entity Framework WinForms DataGridView support for BindingSource.Filter .Sort and column heading Sort

Entity Framework looks useful and I have limited use of it in my code. Also several developers have expressed to me how they have found it useful.

I currently use a lot of WinForms databinding using DataSets and BindingSource. Out of the box I get column header sorting. Also it is a simple matter to set BindingSource.Filter and BindingSource.Sort as strings. I have used this feature to provide a lot of data-driven filter and sort strings for UI quick filter and sort which works very well.

However when I use Entity Framework the column header sort and BiningSource.Filter and .Sort properties do not work. My understanding is that this is because EF does not support IBindingListView. Although it might but not out of the box. Please advise or consider implementing this in future editions of Entity Framework.

Thank you

Stephen, UK