Visual Studio not auto-building on run

Right-click on configuration manager and check to see if build is checked for project in question
Also in Tools > Options > Projects and Solutions > On run when projects are out of date > Always Build

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Addendum 17-8-2011
If above not succeeded then keep these options, but also do a Clean (of solution -works or of project -not tested)

Backflush Accounting

If you mke 20 bicycles you must have used 40 wheels, therefore decrement stock of wheels by 40. Problem losses, rejects.

Project Triangle

Triangle where each side represents a constraint
Time – Cost – Scope
Changing anyone of these is likely to have an effect on the other two
“Scope creep”
Quality could be represented somewhere. I have seen it in the middle of the triangle

Three way matching

Accountancy term that means PO match Advice Note match Invoice, or something of that nature

How to… Restore a deployed SSRS Report which has been deleted from VS-BI Studio

Yes, you can restore  .rdl file  from Report Manger. View your report, Click on Properties now click on Edit, This would create report defination file and would provide it for download. You can create a new report project  and add this report to your report project.

Move SQL Server 2008 R2 back to SQL Server 2005 – Generate Scripts then Import Data

Start with SQL 2005 server > Create database >
SQL 2008 server > Generate Scripts > Choose Advanced options > Script to SQL 2005 > Options of Script Schema and Data, Schema, Data > Generate
Go to SQL 2005 database > Import Data > Import from 2008 database

A useful function to consider is

SQl Server 2005 SP3 will go upto  611 where as you are retiring a SQL 2008 db which is version 655.
Do your self a favour before migrating DBs’ between different versions do a [select * from sysdatabases] and check the column VERSION. Most of us believe CMPTLEVEL if 90 will go good for version 9.0 but its the database internal version that matters.

Move SQL Server 2008 R2 back to SQL Server 2005 – Script Schema and Data

Other ways of doing this. See other blog entries
Save version as SQL Server 2005
Type of data to script. Could use Schema and Data

Check Constraint for Null and …

ALTER TABLE [Production].[TimeSheet] WITH CHECK ADD CONSTRAINT [CK_TimeSheet_TimeEndLaterThanStart] CHECK (([TimeEnd] IS NULL) OR [TimeEnd]>=[TimeStart])

..Row cannot be cast to ..Row when appear to be same. InvalidCastException

rowTS = CType(TimeSheetBindingSource.Current, DataRowView.Row, dsMyCo.TimeSheetRow

A first chance exception of type ‘System.InvalidCastException’ occurred in MyCompany.exe

[A]TimeSheetRow cannot be cast to [B]TimeSheetRow. Type A originates from ‘ProjectName, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null’ in the context ‘Default’ at location ‘Project…\bin\Debug\ProjectName.exe’. Type B originates from ‘ProjectName, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null’ in the context ‘Default’ at location Project…\bin\Debug\ProjectName.exe’.

Check you are converting from Rows in the same dataset. So if a table appears in more than one dataset check you are using the correct one.

DateTimePicker CheckBox for setting Null

Position is important. Needs to be before EndEdit

If Me.TimeEndDateTimePicker.Checked = False Then
  rowTS = CType(CType(Me.TimeSheetBindingSource.Current, DataRowView).Row, dsMyCo.TimeSheetRow)