Move SQL Server 2008 R2 back to SQL Server 2005 – Generate Scripts then Import Data

Start with SQL 2005 server > Create database >
SQL 2008 server > Generate Scripts > Choose Advanced options > Script to SQL 2005 > Options of Script Schema and Data, Schema, Data > Generate
Go to SQL 2005 database > Import Data > Import from 2008 database

A useful function to consider is

SQl Server 2005 SP3 will go upto  611 where as you are retiring a SQL 2008 db which is version 655.
Do your self a favour before migrating DBs’ between different versions do a [select * from sysdatabases] and check the column VERSION. Most of us believe CMPTLEVEL if 90 will go good for version 9.0 but its the database internal version that matters.

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