Microsoft Visual Studio LightSwitch – Installation

There is a lot of web talk on problems with existing SQL installations before installing LightSwitch

  1. LightSwitch 2011 requires SQL Server Express to be installed. It is looking for SQLEXPRES instance.
  2. If you already have SQL Developer edition you may have a problem. I tried to trick it by adding an instance to SQL Developer named SQLEXPRESS. This got past the LightSwitch install.
  3. However still could not use the program because it also requires User Instances, which are not possible in Developer. So Removed my SQLEXPRESS instance. To do this > Programs and Features > Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 (64-bit) then Remove. Don’t panic it asks if you want to uninstall an instance, so you can leave previous instances on there.
  4. Then installed SQLExpress side-by-side with my developer edition. All OK
  5. LightSwitch 2011 good to go!