VPN gets stuck on “Verifying username and password”

When attempting to connect the VPN gets stuck on “Verifying username and password” (hangs). After a while it then gets stuck on “Connecting to **.**.***.*** using *” and eventually returns a long message and may attempt to redial. The solution below is for messages containing text including GRE.


  1. Also I was using both a laptop and PC with VPN switching to a couple of companies. It may fail on one machine if the other machine is already logged in.
  2. Possibly following a failed connection, I found that a VPN I have used a lot on Windows 7 had a blank User name: when this was normally filled in.


  1. Hypothesis 1:- Reverse the first machine to log in. This time the other machine VPN started failing and in fact scenario 2, the User name became blank.

Create a new VPN which worked, then delete the old VPN

For error message 800 there are different problems. One of these is conflict between two computers. There may be a timeout on the server before another computer may connect, possible 30 minutes. Secondly may need to uncheck “Use default gateway on remote network”, this worked once, did not work several times.

There are pages on web e.g. however first try above

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