Setup and Deployment Project

Project 1 requires a setup project
Add New Project > Other Project Types > Setup and Deployment > Visual Studio Installer > Setup Project

See File System Editor > Application Folder > Properties for Default Location which will start as [ProgramFilesFolder][Manufacturer]\[ProductName]

The Manufacturer is set on Setup project properties. Probably change this from Microsoft. Many other properties here also.

Next problem was :

“error reading from file … verify that the file exists and that you can access it”

Following resolved this:

This says add permission to System for the folder with the msi file in it.

Add an assembly to the GAC

> File System on Target Machine > Right-click Add Special Folder > Global Assembly Cache Folder > Browse and add assembly here. In this case EntityFramework.dll version

This worked and program then ran on target machine. However it did not appear in the C:\Windows\Assembly as I may have expected. I guess the assembly is in the file system though. To Register it I am going to try > Select assembly > Properties > Register > vsdraCOM

Distrbuting Prerequistes

> Select Setup Project > Right-click Properties > Prerequisites

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