Azure Virtual Machines adding virtual hard disks VHD

See also Azure Powershell and Azure VM with SQL

If you have a Pluralsight subscription then they have a good course “Windows Azure Infrastructure as a Service Essentials” then chapter “Storage and Disks” and screen cast “Creating Virtual Hard Disks”

First create a local VHD

  1. Start – “Create and format hard disk partitions”
  2. Action Create VHD
  3. Set location, size, fixed size, OK
  4. Right-click on newly created disk and Initialise
  5. Think MBR – OK
  6. Detach VHD

Upload local VHD to Azure Storage using Azure Powershell

  1. Ensure that you can run local scripts, see Azure Powershell post
  2. Run script:
    add-azurevhd -destination http://<address&gt;<container>/<blobname>.vhd -LocalFilePath :\vhds\VHD01.vhd

Set as Virtual Machines Disk

  1.  Azure management portal
  2. Virtual machines
  3. Disks
  4. Create, enter name, pick from storage, OK

Attach to the Virtual Machine

  1. Azure management portal
  2. Virtual machines
  3. Select machine
  4. Dashboard
  5. Attach – Attach disk
  6. Read/Write
  7. Tick, OK






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