How to build help documentation using Sandcastle – XML comments

After building XML Comments / Documentation and viewing these in a browser it may be useful to create documentation. Microsoft no longer develop a tool, but a tool Sandcastle they initially developed has continued.

This is some of my experience:

In addition to the normal Sandcastle, I installed the Sandcastle Visual Studio integration package.

Sandcastle have large documentation, but I found the basic steps were:

  1. Open Visual Studio
  2. Add New Project > Documentation > Sandcastle Help File Builder Project
  3. Add Documentation Sources – Reference to the project you want to document
  4. Build the project
  5. To view your new help file
    1. Use Menu > View > View Help File
    2. Or Open the Folder Location and open the Help folder
  6. Find the file ContentLayout.content
    1. Change the title from [TODO]
  7. You may get a lot of warnings and lots of ‘Red’ ‘missing documentation’
    1. To suppress these use Properties > Missing Tags and uncheck warning
    2. Or to use it to find missing documentation, uncheck
  8. All seems good so far.

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