Using System.Linq.Dynamic in VB.Net

Dynamic Linq

Was trying to using dynamic filter as I would do with datasets. Sometimes you may want to build the query at runtime. Steps are:

  1. Use NuGet to install System.Linq.Dynamic
  2. At top of class Imports System.Linq.Dynamic
  3. Use code as in example below:
Dim queryString1 = "Title = @0"
FilmsList = FilmsList.AsQueryable.Where(queryString1, "Casablanca").ToList

Dim queryString2 = "Title.Contains(@0)"
FilmsList = FilmsList.AsQueryable.Where(queryString2, "a").ToList

Dim queryString3 = "Title = ""Casablanca"""
FilmsList = FilmsList.AsQueryable.Where(queryString3).ToList
FilmDataGrid.ItemsSource = FilmsList

Error 1: Character literal must contain exactly one character

Solution 1: Use double quotes when constructing predicate in code e.g. Dim myFilter = String.Concat( “Title = “””,myTitle,””””)


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