VS TFS Build The working folder .. is already in use by the workspace on computer

I had an earlier issue in previous post for build being unable to edit work items. So I changed the Build Service account in TFS Administration Console, which then gave me a new problem when running a build:

“The working folder .. is already in use by the workspace <workspacename;owner> on computer”

To resolve this I used Visual Studio Command Prompt

tf workspaces /server:http://localhost:8080/tfs /owner:* /format:detailed

I then had problem with the following syntax:

tf workspace /delete /server:http://localhost:8080/tfs 1_1_<name>;”NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM”

Was not sure if the 1_1_ was ok, but the problem was that the I needed the “NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM” and I needed it in quotes. After deleting the workspace the world became right again.



There is a program Team Foundation Sidekicks 2010, by Attrice Corporation, but in practice I did not need this.

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