Windows 7 top tips

Sure there are many web pages discussing this. This is my quick run-down.

  1. Snipping Tool – Press Windows Key and type “snip ” until it is first option – or pin it to the task bar
  2. Drag window away from its full screen lock without using restore first
  3. Drag a window so that the cursor hits the left/right edge of screen at which point the window will snap left/right. Do this with two windows and you can compare two documents.
  4. Press the Windows Key and start typing to find documents, programs, control panel items. E.g. Windows Key > “Program and” and you  will get you “Programs and Features” and press return
  5. Sticky Notes – some people like them I don’t use them
  6. Number of Start Menu options. Right-click on task bar > Properties > Start Menu > Customize
    1. Use Large Icons – generally tick off
    2. Recent Items – generally tick on
    3. Show Video/Printers and many other options on/off
  7. Use Pin to Start Menu / Task Bar
  8. Put Office Programs on the Task Bar and then use Jump Lists by right-clicking them
    1. Pin your most common items to jump lists
    2. Note Jump Lists do very occasionally get forgetful. There is a sophisticated way of backing these up, beyond most normal working
  9. Drag and drop items around the Task Bar


If you find others then please comment and I can add them to the main article here.

Or links to pages that list these out.




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