Restart results in reseed of identity by +1000

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How to – Solve SQL Server 2012 Identity Problem. Identity increased by 1000 or 10000

Are you experiencing an identity problem with your SQL Server 2012? Do the identity seeds of your records get increased by 1000 or 10000(in my case it was 10000)? Do you wonder why this is happening and how you can solve this? Then keep reading…

Seems like Microsoft has changed the way they deal with identity values in SQL Server 2012 and as a result of this you can see identity gaps between your records after rebooting your SQL server instance or your server machine. There might be some other reasons for this id gaps, but in my case it was an automatic server restart after installing an update.
There are several ways to overcome this issue but here I will explain how I did it, which seemed to be the best way of overcoming this problem.
Below is a quote from a Microsoft post replying to this id crisis issue on “connect”:
If you require the same identity generation semantics as previous versions of SQL Server there are two options available:
•         Use trace flag 272
o This will cause a log record to be generated for each generated identity value. The performance of identity generation may be impacted by turning on this trace flag.
•         Use a sequence generator with the NO CACHE setting(
o This will cause a log record to be generated for each generated sequence value. Note that the performance of sequence value generation may be impacted by using NO CACHE.
What I did: Setting Trace Flag 272 on SQL Server 2012
  1. Open “SQL Server Configuration Manager”
  2. Click “SQL Server Services” on the left pane
  3. Right-click on your SQL Server instance name on the right pane ->Default: SQL Server(MSSQLSERVER)
  4. Click “Properties”
  5. Click “Startup Parameters”
  6. On the “specify a startup parameter” textbox type “-T272”
  7. Click “Add”
  8. Confirm the changes
Now you should be free of this annoying identity gap problem.

Hope this helps someone.
Good luck, Serdar.


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