ASP.Net publish to Azure with Database and control of Start Page


There was a warning on publish page 3, which mentioned code-first migrations must be enabled. After web-search I realised I needed to upgrade to a higher version of EntityFramework which has System.Data.Entity.Migrations

Used Visual Studio > Tools > Library Package Manager > Package Manager Console

PM> install-package EntityFramework -Pre

PM> enable-migrations

will then publish. Although now up, the sites page is “This web site has been successfully created. There’s nothing here yet, but Windows Azure makes it simple to publish content with GIT, TFS, FTS or your favorite development tool”

If go directly to a page I know exists it does take me there, (or in my case redirects to login)

During development this of course wasn’t an issue – I just right clicked the page I wanted as startpage as selected “Set as Start Page”.

When I deployed to Azure the start page wasn’t recognized. To set the start page in Azure it is necessary to do one of two things: 1) Implement a start page called “Default.aspx” or 2) specify the start page in the web.config file:


Setting the defaultDocument value in the web.config fixed my issue.



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