LocalReport set-up and publish

How do I … keep reports in a sub-directory

May be set in code or in ReportViewer control

Dim report as New LocalReport()
report.ReportPath = “Reports\ReportName.rdlc”

How do I … fix Local reports that work in Visual Studio not when published

The errors you may get include:

  • An error occurred during local report processing copy
    The report definition for report ‘..\some_path_to_report\<reportname>.rdlc’ has not been specified
    Could not find file ‘C:\inetpub\wwwroot\some_path_to_report\tse.rdlc’.

When reports are added their default Build Action is Embedded Resource.
To fix this change to Content and choose a copy policy, probably Copy if Newer

How do I … use a report in a referenced project

Add the report as a “Linked” file ( Add existing item > Add as Link )(probably) at the same directory level as in the referenced project
Then on these linked files choose the necesary options as above

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