Visual TFS Reports setup

Will not work on Windows 7 – See other post in this blog

  1. Pre-requisites
    SQL Server 2008 R2 with Reporting Services and Analysis Services
  2. Use Team Foundation Administration Console > Application Tier > Reporting
    Edit > Use Reporting ticked > Warehouse Tab > Server (enter name) Database (Tfs_Warehouse)
    Analysis Services Tab > Server (enter name) Database (Tfs_Analysis) Account for accessing data sources Username maybe Domain\User
    Reports Tab > Server (enter name) > Populate URLs Web Service in format http://server:port/ReportServer and Report Manager http://server:port/Reports
    Account for accessing data sources Username maybe Domain\User
    Default Path /TfsReports
  3. May need to Use the WarehouseControlWebService.asmx as in Connect link below. Address is
  4. For me the standard out of the box reports for MSF for Agile.. were missing
    This seems to be because I created the “Visual Studio > Team Explorer > New Team Project ” before setting up TFS reporting.
    First attempt in brackets below. My second attempt was “Visual Studio > Team Explorer > New Team Project > this creates reports for the process of your choice. > Move the reports to the project folder of your choice > Detach the project > Go to Team Foundation Server Administration Console > Team Project Collections > Delete the Team Project”

    (Initially tried to resolve this by finding the Compressed Zip file with the standard reports in. Then uploading the reports into Report Server one by one.
    From the source I had, this had the affect of wrong datasources. After pointing the datasource to the new name Tfs2010ReportDS instead of TfsReportDS this then went further)

  5. Bug Status report uploaded send the “Warning” parameter was missing a value.
    First attempt > Manage report > Parameters > Click the web button for Use Default or something like this> Report then ran but had no data
    Second attempt > TFS Administration Console > Reporting > Start Rebuild (takes a while)

    STILL NOT WORKING. Getting Closer I Feel.

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