New PC

Previous XP desktop had a grinding hard disk and was becoming quite slow. As I do a lot of work on these and do this as self-employed earnings it did not make business sense. For a time I have been using laptop linked to desktop keyboard, mouse, monitor for speed. However have lost multi-monitor. Also concerned that old PC may just fail at some time. Wanted to get a new pc while the old one had some life in it. That way the old one may with less use have years of back-up, or other use. I may at some point change the hard-drive on the old PC, moving all files may be hard work especially as I would want to filter out all the rubbish that is possibly part of the problem with the old PC.

Did upgrade a few times. Novatech IRush Pro. Because:

  • Comes with a graphics card which supports upto 5 monitors. May/likely to want to try 3 monitors as 2 monitors has had a good improvement, but with Visual Studio, SSMS, email, office need more monitors. Also VS has some many docked tools that these may be put on another screen.
  • Fast 3.3 Ghs quad core processor
  • Windows 7 Pro very useful
  • Like service from Novatech
  • Much better value for money c.f. PC world or even Smart Computers
  • They will deliver without windows or junk on the PC. E.g. unwanted McAffee and other services which inevitably slow down a computer. I can add these later if I choose
  • I was told that the more expensive upgrade was quieter. Not convinced.


Seems fast. Slightly noisey fan.
Could I possibly have got away with changing the disks on my old PC and leaving it at that. Possibly, but sooner or later other parts would have gone. Like a car it would have been like how much do you spend. The old PC has paid it’s way. Maybe it can still have a life as backup – test agent or some hardware to test things on. Room for storing it is a little issue. Here’s a weird idea. Could I keep it upstairs in my cupboard with plug downstairs, and run it from there.

For setup of disks see



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