LINQ and Entity Framework binding to ComboBox and DataGridViewComboBox

Private context As BC.SWT.EntityModel.SOPEntities

Private Sub LoadLookupData()


    Dim EntityConnectionString = Configuration.ConfigurationManager.ConnectionStrings(“SOPEntities”).ConnectionString
    context = New BC.SWT.EntityModel.SOPEntities(EntityConnectionString)

    Dim CustomerQuery As ObjectQuery(Of Customer) = context.Customers
    ‘CustomerIDComboBox.DataSource = CustomerQuery.Execute(MergeOption.AppendOnly) ‘works but includes all columns
    Dim results = From a In CustomerQuery Select a.CustomerID, a.Customer1 Order By Customer1
    CustomerIDComboBox.DataSource = results
    CustomerIDComboBox.DisplayMember = “Customer1”

    CustomerIDDataGridViewComboBoxColumn.DataSource = results.ToList
    CustomerIDDataGridViewComboBoxColumn.DisplayMember = “Customer1”
    CustomerIDDataGridViewComboBoxColumn.ValueMember = “CustomerID”
    CustomerIDDataGridViewComboBoxColumn.DataPropertyName = “CustomerID”

Catch ex As Exception
    MessageBox.Show(ex.Message, Me.Text)
End Try

End Sub

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