Dataset TableAdapter CommandTimeout

If get error:
“Timeout expired. The timeout period elapsed prior to completion of the operation or the server is not responding”

Setting the connection string timeout does not work.

Following links led me to my own visual basic translation. I found i had to add the check for the commandCollection Is Nothing

Because the DatasetName.Designer.vb is a partial class, it is possible to create a second partial class which will not be overwritten on changes to the dataset. Remember to use

Namespace xxxTableAdapters

    Partial Public Class xxxTableAdapter

        Public WriteOnly Property SetSelectCommandTimeout() As Integer
            Set(ByVal value As Integer)
                If Me._commandCollection Is Nothing Then
                End If
                Me.CommandCollection(0).CommandTimeout = value
                ‘For Each cmd In Me._commandCollection  ‘To do all
                ‘    cmd.CommandTimeout = value
            End Set
        End Property

    End Class

End Namespace

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