Visual Studio TFS Over a home network ( Team Foundation Server ) ( 2010 )

Objective: Put VS TFS on W7 and then connect to this on my Windows XP desktop so I can work from either
7 laptop with full TFS including Source Code Control and Work Items
Wow … round the houses but have got there … think it was really important to achieve
I do not have a lot of network experience so thought I had to set up a virtual server. Then spent hours and hours getting Virtual Server 2005 R2 and Hyper-V RSAT on my W7 machine with the intention of then installing a server system on virtual server, then connecting to this etc etc…
However I have just discovered that I did not need to do this.
Make sure the Windows 7 has a user login and password
Go to W7 Team Foundation Server Administration Console > Get Web Access URL e.g. http://computername:portno/tfs/web
Go to XP IE and enter above address. Should be asked for a login – password. Enter this and hey presto you should be in.
In XP Visual Studio Connect to Team Foundation Server Add server. Just enter server name if using default port numbers and path. Then connect.
Now I am in business and can start coding -> adding value to my product 
At last !!

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