MS Access 2007 Create MDE for use with MS Access 2003 or earlier

If starting with MS Access 2007 then making an MDE it is not possible to open this MDE from earlier versions.
You may think that saving the database in MS Access 2002-2003, then making the MDE would work. However it will not.

A solution:

  • Save as MS Access 2002-2003. Perhaps with a different name say MyApp2002.mdb
  • Open the new 2002-2003 database in MS Access 2002 or 2003 on another machine.
  • Make the MDE file from this machine as MyApp.mde
  • Voila !! Should now work

Another more complicated solution:

  • Distribute the application from MS Access 2007
  • Use MS Access 2007 run-time

Steve 13-Aug-2009

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