FXCop Analyze shows dialog “Locate Assembly Reference”

If when using FXCop Analyze you get a dialog box entitled "locate assembly reference"
  1. Go to the project references.
  2. Find the related reference and note it’s location in the file system.
  3. Return to FXCop and browse to this location and put in dialog box

Also Crystal Decisions.Shared lives in C:\WINDOWS\assembly\GAC_MSIL\CrystalDecisions.Shared\10.5.3700.0__692fb ….
Unable to navigate to this or find a copy of the file. So for GAC use following

  1. Open FxCop 1.36.
  2. Click menu: “Project | Options…”
  3. Click the “Spelling & Analysis” tab in the “Project Options” dialog.
  4. Select the “Search Global Assembly Cache for missing references” option (by default it is unselected).


Also see that the Config file "FxCopCmd.exe.config" may be edited. See


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