Office save/backup my settings

Save My Settings does not exist in Office 2007.
However see below copied from link:
1. The Quick Access Toolbars for Excel, Word, and PowerPoint are saved in
separate ".QAT" files (stands for Quick Access Toolbar), in the following
directory in Windows XP:

C:\Documents and Settings\(User Name)\Local Settings\Application

In that folder look for:    Excel.qat, PowerPoint.qat, Word.qat, etc.
So for example, if you want to transfer your Excel toolbar settings to
another computer, or after you reinstall Office 2007, just copy your custom
Excel.qat to that same folder, replacing the original.

2. All other settings (options menu) are stored in the registry here:


You can just export the whole "12.0" registry tree to a .REG file, and store
it somewhere. When you need to use it (after reinstall or on a different
computer), just double click on that REG file to update the registry.  Before
you do that, I suggest that you backup your registry just to be safe, if
something goes south.

Good luck


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