METHOD How to set a Local Report Parameter


They said it could not be done.
But here is the code to set a Local Report Parameter at runtime

”’ <summary>
”’ METHOD How to set Report Parameter
”’ </summary>
”’ <param name="MyReportViewer"></param>
”’ <param name="sParameterName"></param>
”’ <param name="sParameterText"></param>
”’ <remarks></remarks>

Private Sub SetLocalReportParameter(ByVal MyReportViewer As Microsoft.Reporting.WinForms.ReportViewer, ByVal sParameterName As String, ByVal sParameterText As String)

Dim rp As New ReportParameter(sParameterName, sParameterText)
Dim rpP() As ReportParameter = {rp}
With MyReportViewer
End With

Catch ex As Exception
End Try

End Sub

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